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    Good afternoon!


    As best as we can!


    Central America

    Oh, my! Forgive me!


    I'm new to this job!



    Open the door!

    On vacation!


    What's new?


    Ram (quatered & set near an open-pit fire)

    Throw dust into one’s eyes

    A little pig, nursery rhymes


    Basque fisherman


    Go, go mule! nursery rhymes

    When the cows come home! When pigs fly!

    Grandma's cat, nursery rhymes


    Mus, Basque card game


    Playing Basque card game

    How's the family?

    sheep cheese!


    Butterfly, nursery rhymes


    Touch my heart!

    Hello Love!

    Cat and Mouse, nursery rhymes


    Blood type O


    Frog (from frenchmen in English)

    On the bridge of Laminak (half woman with bird feet)

    Basque danse


    Basque danse


    Arrantzaleak (song)





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