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    Good afternoon !


    Giant with big head



    I believe you!



    Giants with big head



    Last Basque village


    Basque Country


    Basque Patriot???


    My property!


    Suspect # 1 !



    European Economic Community

    Come Here!


    French Police


    Sevens (provinces are) one (united)  

    Broth of poultry and cabbage 


    I'm going to get you!


    Surf School in Basque Country


    He's a queer fish


    Orange, Lemon, sugar, and wines

    Wine with orange, lemon and spirit

    Newfoundland and Labrador


    Hollywood's star


    One liter plastic glass (bar to bar)

    It's a shame!


    Mixture of red wine with pepsi 


    Basque cinema


    Daddy and Mummy




    Cow-men (Basque mythology)


    I've done that!


    Sandal of leather tied on with wool strips

    Person covered with hay and sackcloth

    Salt cod cooked with garlic and hot red peppers






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