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Who is Muturzikin ?


I wish to stay anonymous online but ''Muturzikiña'' is my real nickname. To make it shorter, call me Mutur.

Anonymity is an important feature of a personal Web site or profile when the author of the site (ie. me, myself and I) is far less interesting than his project.

About my aim, my language maps display the ethnic and linguistic complexities in some parts of the world. Each language limit or isogloss transcends geographical borders, where appropriate. I am committed to a different, more enlightening approach to cartography and I seek to preserve the integrity of the area in which the language or dialect is spoken, even where this crosses international borders.
I think that the loss of linguistic diversity entails not only the disappearance of a large number of languages — and the cultural and identity loss that accompanies it — it also entails an important reduction of the genetic information which could help us understand the history of languages and the relationships different linguistic communities had in the past.
Linguistic diversity also shows typological information—that is, what is common or different in the structure of languages—and this kind of information helps us understand the nature and functioning of languages. When a language disappears, we also lose information about how different linguistic communities view reality and the most important to me, how their languages shape it

Below, I keep descriptions of where I went and what I did in Euskal Herria as generic as possible.

Welcome to my site ! I hope you enjoy my work.



Me, myself and I.



Euskal Herria......Basque Country... 

  Hum, I guess I have some knowledge on the topic. During the last 15 years, I’ve visited many places in Basque country and have done so either by cycling, walking or driving. See map below.

  I’ve spent a considerable amount of time walking with friends over various trails leading to many special and beautiful spots. I have constantly been touched and inspired by the quaint charm of such basque villages as Arantza, Elciego, Leintz Gatzaga, Korres and Izaba. I should mention that the hot and relaxing beaches of Laga and Lekeitio are a welcome alternative to the crush and hype of typical resort destinations.

  The mountains of Urbasa eta Andía and Aralar plus the Iraty forest bear one of the Earth’s most unexpected mystical treasures. There’s magic in the air and you'll have to go there to find out what it is. I've explored megalithic monuments (Cromlechs, dolmens, caves ...) as well as the Roman tower of Urkulu, passed by Wisigoths, Franks and the modern museum of Guggenheim.

  Basque cuisine has given me the chance to experience the difference between coastal cuisine, which is dominated by fish and seafood, and the inland cuisine with it's fresh and cured meats typical on both the French and Spanish side.
  These are just a few of the many ways I've found to experience this very ancient people and it's language named Euskara.  The pride and fierce independence of the basque people is the spirit by which this country has always withstood countless centuries of incursion and outside influence.  

Gora Euskal Herria  (Long live the Basque Country)

Mutur Zikin  



Mutur's ranking of the best places to visite:

Fallen in love with: Arantza, San Martin Unx, Artaitz, Elciego, Leintz Gatzaga, Urduña, Korres, Getaria, Bidarray, Areso, Elizondo, Gastiain and Izaba.

***  Lesaka, Donostia, Lekeitio, Balmaseda, Donibane Garazi, Leitza, Guéthary, Etxalar, Uztarroze, Lizarra, Urizaharra, Zubieta, Hondarribia, Alda, Biriatu, Gernika, Ugalde, Olite and Errezil.

**    Otsagabia, Xabier, Bastida, Laguardia, Zalduondo, Bilbao, Araotz ( Arantzazu), Otxandio, Orozko, Gautza, Las Bardenas (desert), Zangoza & Rocaforte, Ziburu, Larraine, Arano, Zuntzarren, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Tolosa and Iturmendi.

* Gueñes, Zierbena, Bermeo & San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, Mundaka, Oñati, Arteaga, Gaztelu, Loiola, Zestoa, Zarautz, Markiz, Ezkaroze, Santa Grazi, Sunbilla, Irisarri, Bidaxune, Sara, Igantzi and Nazar.



Cartes linguistiques du Pays Basque / Linguistic maps of Basque Country / Mapas lingüísticos del Pais Vasco




Funny !

On the 8th of September 2009 on my way to Chéticamp, Cape Breton Island (Nova Scotia) and Newfoundland, I've been caught on Google Street View. No joke, I'm the biker !
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