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    South America


    Fiddle-De-Dee, nursery rhymes


    Thanks a lot!


    And what's that over there!


    That's a church!


    (There once was a) little boat


    Cranes (Basque nursery rhymes)


    Mummy the little boats


    And you? Who are you?


    Red doll, nursery rhymes


    That's a car!


    On the job!


    It's written in that book!


    Pulling rope


    Write a letter!


    Look and learn!


    Drink made from wild plum (aran)




    A Cyclop-like being from Basque folklore


    Watch out!


    Red veal, Basque genius






    Son of a bear and a woman


    Grotesque puppet


    Apple cider dripping from a barrel


    Basque fairies, related to the Celtic little people


    Spanish government


    The supreme goddess of the Basque pantheon


    Here we go!


    the evil daughter of Mari


    People step or march to promote Basque language






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