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TransClusion means including pieces of content from other sources into the current view.

Demonstration helps explain.

Both of the sites, Muturzikin and Mapping Globalization, have integrated this image of South America.

That image is pulled from this address. If you click here, you will go to the original location, a web page of Muturzikin.com.

If the content is changed in the original location, that change will be reflected here, a web page of Mapping Globalization.

Transclusion is generally the inclusion of the content like an image of a document into another document by reference.



If I modify the original image.



This image is sent by my server into someone else's web page.

If my server shut down, if I change the name of the image or simply delete the image, all images aren't visible.

To transclude these maps, in part or whole, on your website you need a Mutur Zikin’s authorization.

Please fill out this permission form.

Then I will send you a source code for your website like this.



Thank you.





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