Carte linguistique de l'Europe : France, Espagne, Portugal, Andorre et le Pays Basque

European linguistic map : France, Spain, Portugal, Andorra and Basque Country









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    Andorra - Catalan-Valencian-Balear, French, Spanish.

    Belgium - Dutch, Europanto, French, German Standard, Limburgisch, Luxembourgeois, Picard, Vlaams, Walloon. 

    France - Alemannisch, Auvergnat, Basque Navarro-Labourdin, Basque Souletin, Breton, Caló, Catalan-Valencian-Balear, Corsican, Dutch, Esperanto, Franco-Provençal, French, Gascon, Greek, Interlingua, Italian, Languedocien, Ligurian, Limousin, Luxembourgeois, Picard, Portuguese, Provençal, Romani Balkan, Romani Sinte, Romani Vlax, Spanish, Vlaams. [Extinct languages] : Shuadit, Zarphatic. 

    Portugal - Asturian, Caló, Galician, Miranda do Douro, Portuguese, Romani Vlax. 

    Spain - Aragonese, Asturian, Basque, Caló, Catalan-Valencian-Balear, Extremaduran, Fala, Galician, Gascon Aranese, Quinqui, Spanish. [Extinct languages] : Guanche, Mozarabic. 

    Monaco - French, Ligurian, Provençal.

    Euskal Herria* - Basque (Euskara), Spanish, French.

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